• April 12, 2024

Conservation lure for endangered totoaba fish in Sea of Cortez

Fishermen Toto 48S DUO Tetra Works Lure

Fishermen Toto is a small-scale, volunteer effort to support conservation efforts for the endangered totoaba (Sciaenidae: Totuava) in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. The totoaba is a giant drum that was once a popular sport fish here, but its population has plummeted over the last fifty years due to a combination of overfishing and habitat degradation. 뱃사공 토토

DUO Tetra Works Toto 48S

A heavy sinking version of the standard model, this DUO Tetra Works Toto 48S is a great choice for the day-game in harbors and rocky areas with strong currents. Rather than simply adding weight, the angle and shape of the lip have been changed to grab the water more efficiently. When retrieved at a fast pace in the day game, or when slowly retrieving in the night-game centered on slow action, this lure can be used to mesmerize targets with its sharp and pronounced action produced by the anglers’ magical rod work.

It is also well-suited to the rapid retrieve of squid and loach, as well as the slow action when hunting for chub in northern river trout fishing. In addition, it is an ideal twitching lure when trying to catch perch and ide. It can also be used as a starting lure for beginners to grasp the fun of minnow fishing. This is a standard model that all fishermen should have in their tackle box. Length: 48mm / Weight: 4.3g / Hook size: #12

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